Canine Security and its entire staff are 100% compliant with all the security industry certification requirements as required by the Security Officers Act Number 97 of 1987. All our staff are registered with the Security Officers Board and trained and graded as required by the Board. Our company is also registered as required by the private Security Industry Regulatory Act no 56 of 2001 and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority.
In 1994, Canine Security was one of the first security companies that signed an official recognition agreement with the South African Transport and General Workers Union.

We actively participate in Private Security Sector Organisations such as the Security Industry Alliance (SIA), Security Services Employers Organisation (SSEO) and the Security Association of South Africa (SASA), so as to be at the cutting edge of developments in our market and to positively influence the perception of our industry as well as setting professional standards.
Due to our belief in the retention of staff in especially this industry, our staff are compensated in accordance with the requirements of the contract pricing structure as provided by our industry’s regulatory body. We have also added various benefits to our staff’s compensation, such as our provident fund to assure retention and loyalty to our staff, the company and most importantly – our clients. This is why you will find that a very large portion of our staff has been with our company for more than 10 and 15 years.